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Quarterly Meeting

Reminder of the date and time of the QTR meeting:
October 10, 2019 - 6PM CST

Please submit all reports no later than 1 October 2019.


Members - Current total
EIN -Tax ID - status
501c - status
Chapter Bank account: status
Chapter Email & Mailbox - status
Facebook or websites (if applicable) - status

National officers and committees reports will be first in case
anyone has to get off they will hear those National reports.

If you do not submit a report the highlights of you chapter will not be in the minutes.
Each Chapter Commander or Representative will have about 1 min to brief the items above
so we do not take up all your valuable time.

I look forward to the meeting.

"Commitment is Contagious"
National Commander Y. Williams

WVA Chapter 20 Reunion

Archive Reference: 2016 Women Veterans of America Newsletter

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