Women Veterans can get involved in helping themselves and our "sisters" acquire better health care.

Women Veterans of America can help you obtain this goal. We have the expertise.

To Begin:

1- Become a member in Women Veterans of America: As a member of WVA, you will be part of an extraordinary organization who understands you and your needs as a veteran.


2- Begin a Chapter in your area: Become a leader in your community and help bring all your sister veterans together. We can help you begin your area Chapter. We will guide and assist you all the way.


 3- Volunteer in local VA Medical Center: As a volunteer in the VA Medical Center, you can work within the VA system to assist in addressing Women Veteran's issues.


4- Get appointed tot he Women Veterans Advisory Committee in your VA Medical Center. WVA will write a letter of recommendation for this position.


WVA serves on the Women Veterans Advisory Committee and in additional hospital committees, to help ensure the best possible care is given to Women Veterans

To inquire more information about starting a chapter in your area

contact National Vice Commander Susan Getz -