Women Veterans of America National Convention

September 12th - 14th 2008

"Uniting Women Veterans, The Heart of America"

The future of Women Veterans of America is in good hands with the new leadership:

National Commander: Janet E. Cook

National Vice-Commander:  Judy Scott

National Adjutant: Robin Blanchard

National Finance Officer: Jean Daugherty

National Sgt-at-Arms: Kathy Bell

National Chaplain: Shirley Harrison

Guest Speaker: Dr. Irene Trowel-Harris, Director, 

Center for Women Veterans Washington DC


Top Left to Right: Mildred Cipolla, Anisia Terlaje, Karen Shaver, 

Mary Ross, Doris Evert,  Janet E. Cook, Sharon Smith

Bottom Row Left to Right: Susan Getz, Colleen Mussolino, 

Rosemounda "Peggy" Butler

WVA Chapter Representatives

National Officers

Host Chapter 20 Commander Ross

Chapter Displays

Co-Founders Visiting

I'm not even sure I WANT to know

Laura Comas and Judy Scott

Mary Ann with Sheila Kelly and Dr. Trowell-Harris

Mary Ann Woodward-Smith- 

Women Veterans Program Manager

Sheila Kelly and Sue Williams

National Vice CO- Sue Getz at Registration Table

Rossview High School Honor Guard Detail

Visiting with Sisters

Welcome WVA

Anisia Terlaje- State Commander from Guam 

with Estrella Whitehurst from CH. 20

Chapter Representatives

Dr. Trowell-Harris gives her presentation

Kathleen and Sylvia from Maine, Chapter 23


Registration Table

Saturday Afternoon Luncheon

Winning Door Prizes