Women Veterans of America

Application for Associate Membership
Life Membership:
Age 40 and under .....$150
Age 41 - 65 ..............$120
Age 65 and over .......$100
Annual Membership Dues:

Associate Member Definition: Anyone who is not a woman veteran or active/reservist  female soldier and 

wants to support Women Veterans of America may become an associate member by filling in application 

below and sending in either Life Membership dues or annual dues.


Print this page and mail to address below:

______/______/__________       _______________________________
Date of application                                             Email

_____/______/___________ (______)____________   (_____)_______________
Date of birth                                      Phone                            Work or Cell phone
Last name                                              First                                  Middle initial
Street address 
City                                                                            State                    Zipcode

___My check or money order for my full life membership dues is enclosed.
___My check or money order for one half payment for life membership is enclosed and I will be
      billed later for balance.
___My check or money order for annual dues is enclosed.

Send to:
WVA Membership
PO Box 1032
Gilmer, TX 75644