Women Veterans of America

Application for Membership
Life Membership
Age 40 and under .....$150
Age 41 - 65 ..............$120
Age 65 and over .......$100
Annual Membership Dues: ..............$15

To apply for an Associate Membership please click here:

Print this page and mail to address below:

______/______/__________       _______________________________
Date of application                                             Email

_____/______/___________ (______)____________   (_____)_______________
Date of birth                                      Phone                            Work or Cell phone
Last name                                              First                                  Middle initial
Street address 
City                                                                            State                    Zipcode
Military Service from ____/______/_______ to _____/_______/__________

Branch of Service _______________________________________
___My check or money order for my full life membership dues is enclosed.
___My check or money order for one half payment for life membership is enclosed and I will be
      billed later for balance.
___My check or money order for annual dues is enclosed.
___Enclosed a copy of my DD214 or the equivalent discharge papers.

Send to:
WVA Membership
PO Box 1032
Gilmer, TX 75644